You can take up photography today without requiring any formal training in the field since the cameras and smartphones with good cameras are easily available for people. However, a few enthusiastic photographers who want to take a step further in photography need to learn a number of elements that can make a photograph better. Here we will discuss some expert tips that will help you take your photography to the next level.

The Rule of Third

Rule of Third is incredibly important in the composition of a photograph. This is one of the most effective rules in photography to create eye-catching photographs. Imagine four lines on the screen that dissect the screen into nice even squares. Most digital cameras have these lines inbuilt on the screen. While some images look good with the focal object in the middle, others look better when placed around these lines’ intersecting points.


Hold Still

If you shake your camera too much, your photographs will become blurry. Learn to hold your camera properly in every situation so you can keep it still. Increase the shutter speed that is appropriate for the camera focal length. The formula for adjusting your shutter speed is 1/Focal length = Min. Shutter Speed. Check out how you can make your camera more stable using shutter speed.

Adjust the exposure

Learn about the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. You also need to learn the relation between these controls. When used together, these factors can result in getting the desired exposure for the photograph. The auto mode is still not the best preference as your expectations can improve when you are adjusting these settings manually.


Polarizing filter

If you are planning to buy a filter for your lens, your first filter should be a polarizer. The filter helps reduce reflections in the picture due to water, metal, and glass. A filter will also protect your lens from dust and water. You do not have to take the polarizer off of your camera in any case. That is why we have some of the best-recommended polarizers for your that will fit your requirements and budget.

Simple backgrounds

A good picture is all about focusing on the object and leave everything in the back as simple as you can. Sometimes, it is not possible to find a plain background, but with a little search, you can find some neutral colors and simpler patterns to use as your background. Make sure that you are not using anything in the background that may look like a distraction.

Shutter speed

Do your experiments with the shutter speed to catch different patterns of the same object. It can create some interesting effects. Especially during the night, if you want to click the pictures of the sky and want the stars to appear as they are to your eyes, you can increase the shutter speed. You can use the same to capture waves, crowds, cars, etc.

Top 6 Tips for Photography

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