Modern-age photography has become a hobby for many as cameras and smartphones are now easily available in the market. We all know how modern-day photography has become a norm among people who claim to be professional photographers without having any professional training in photography. This has stopped many budding photography artists from selling their work as they feel their pictures are not good enough against the people who can sell their photographs with better marketing skills. However, professionals and experts in the field of photography can differentiate between a photograph clicked by a casual person with a camera and a real photographer. These are five decisions that you will take today to become better in photography and reach new perspectives with your work.

Sketch your ideas

Before your set your foot out to take some good pictures, try to create a sketch with lines that you want to create in your pictures. Use any idea that comes across and work on it. Sketching will prevent you from forgetting your vision and strike when you see something similar in real life. This is the way you can bring your ideas into reality.

Photography Pick the right location

Learn how a location can impact your idea of a photograph. It is important that the location you decide truly brings justice to your idea. Take your time around the location and ponder upon the things which make you choose or discard the place. Soon, you will have a clearer idea of whether you want to shoot in this location or not. Look up and check if the clouds are in the perfect alignment today to capture some quality photographs.

Simplify the elements

You do not need to overcomplicate the elements in your frame to create a better picture. They can do their job just fine with a different angle. All you need to do is move to a different angle to get a better view. However, make sure that your frame is not cluttered with unnecessary elements, or it will look too busy and divert the beholder’s attention away from the subject.


Use complementary colors

Be aware of the colors that you are using in your frame. Pay attention to the clothes that the model is wearing, check the props available on the scene, and check the background. Use complementary colors that can make the frame pleasing for the eyes of the beholder. You can also check out the expert color wheels that can help you find the right color combinations based on different situations.

Find the right elements


When you pick elements for your frame, make sure to pay attention to their details. Whether it is a model, an object, an animal, or just a wide landscape, you must feel satisfied while clicking its picture. The elements in the frame should match the elements that you have preimagined for a certain scene. Let your subject model know about the requirements of the shoot before you ask them to come over. This includes clothing and additional props.

5 Decisions You Need to Make Now to Grow Your Photography Skills

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