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Flury & Co. was established to preserve the works of historical photographers who preserved our nation’s history in the pictures they captured. The organization is now 40 years old, showcasing some of the best works from the most popular photographers in history.

John Pierpont Morgan, Circa 1903

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Edward S. Curtis, 1951

Find the biggest collection of Edward Custis’s photographs.

Theodore Roosevelt

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Jackson Building, Circa 1920

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Flury & Company handles only the original Edward Curtis photographs and photogravures printed by Edward Curtis; or under his supervision. A Letter of authenticity accompanies each image acquired from our gallery.

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Buy original Edward Curtis photographs and photogravures printed by Edward Curtis.

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Fine selection of antique Native American art from the Northwest Coast and Alaska, the Southwest and the Great Plains.

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Top 6 Tips for Photography


You can take up photography today without requiring any formal training in the field since the cameras and smartphones with good cameras are easily available for people. However, a few enthusiastic photographers who want to take a step further in photography need to learn a number of elements that can make a photograph better. Here we will discuss some expert tips that will help you take your photography to the next level.

The Rule of Third

Rule of Third is incredibly important in the composition of a photograph. This is one of the most effective rules in photography to create eye-catching photographs. Imagine four lines on the screen that dissect the screen into nice even squares. Most digital cameras have these lines inbuilt on the screen. While some images look good with the focal object in the middle, others look better when placed around these lines’ intersecting points.


Hold Still

If you shake your camera too much, your photographs will become blurry. Learn to hold your camera properly in every situation so you can keep it still. Increase the shutter speed that is appropriate for the camera focal length. The formula for adjusting your shutter speed is 1/Focal length = Min. Shutter Speed. Check out how you can make your camera more stable using shutter speed.

Adjust the exposure

Learn about the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. You also need to learn the relation between these controls. When used together, these factors can result in getting the desired exposure for the photograph. The auto mode is still not the best preference as your expectations can improve when you are adjusting these settings manually.


Polarizing filter

If you are planning to buy a filter for your lens, your first filter should be a polarizer. The filter helps reduce reflections in the picture due to water, metal, and glass. A filter will also protect your lens from dust and water. You do not have to take the polarizer off of your camera in any case. That is why we have some of the best-recommended polarizers for your that will fit your requirements and budget.

Simple backgrounds

A good picture is all about focusing on the object and leave everything in the back as simple as you can. Sometimes, it is not possible to find a plain background, but with a little search, you can find some neutral colors and simpler patterns to use as your background. Make sure that you are not using anything in the background that may look like a distraction.

Shutter speed

Do your experiments with the shutter speed to catch different patterns of the same object. It can create some interesting effects. Especially during the night, if you want to click the pictures of the sky and want the stars to appear as they are to your eyes, you can increase the shutter speed. You can use the same to capture waves, crowds, cars, etc.

The Best Works of Edward Curtis


Edward Sheriff Curtis is the greatest known American Indian photographer who took his first world popular picture to start a journey that will show us the most popular photographs of the American Indian culture. In 1895, he took his first-ever professional picture with Princess Angeline as her subject. Princess Angeline was the daughter of Si’-ahl, who was a powerful American Indian chief. Edward Curtis paid her a dollar for every photo. This motivated him further to document the American Indian culture through his photography.

Edward Curtis became the single most influential chronicler who presented the American Indian culture to the world. He worked with J.P. Morgan and Theodore Roosevelt to work on photography for 30 years. He traveled from the Arctic to Florida to take pictures of the locals who are still connected to the tales and culture of Indians. His work is timeless and depicts the untouched modernity of American Indian culture.


The work of Edward Curtis consists of 40,000 photographs from 80 tribes and over 10,000 wax cylinder recordings of the music and language of the tribals. He published The North Americal Indian in 1907, which became the most ambitious feats of its time till 1930.

Several journalists believe that the methods used by Curtis can violate several standards of photojournalism today. He staged his photographs and gave jewelry to the subjects that would provide a more authentic feel. He also removed all the necessary modern trappings like phones and clocks from the frame to make his pictures look even more authentic. He also chose not to document the contemporary issues faced by the American Indians during that time.


Despite being regarded as the false notion to project that the race is on the verge of extinction, Curtis’ work was more about how he wanted the world to see it. It was not to show what was real. We showcase some of the best works from Edward Curtis. The center works to protect the historical photographs that are also available for auction and exhibition. The exhibition is open for all international tourists. It is described as an event of national significance that celebrates the photographic genius of Edward Curtis. The exhibition also showcases some of the greatest collaborations of Curtis with some of the popular photographers globally.photographer

Two strikes is one of the most popular works by Edward Curtis, also showcased by National Geographic. The North American Indian project showcased 2,200 photographs by Curtis. This project has been running for over 25 years, backed by J.P. Morgan and Theodore Roosevelt, along with the members of European royalty. Two Strike is viewed as one of the more known works around the world and is preserved to maintain its quality for a long time.

How to Find the Right Photographer


When you plan on hiring a professional photographer, you expect a perfect photoshoot session where you can capture memories that you can cherish forever. A professional photographer will help you capture the best moments of major occasions of your life while offering high-quality results that fulfill all your requirements. Your search for a photographer is successful when the finished product matches what you had in your mind.

These tips for finding a photographer will help you select the right person to take up the job of capturing your best moments.

Research for photographers

You can find portfolios of photographers on the internet today. Take the help of your friends to find some of the most popular photographers in your area. The more photographers you have to explore, the better options you will create for a satisfactory photoshoot.

Hire a true professional

You will need to dig deep to understand a photographer’s experience. Anybody can click pictures today, but a pro will provide the best solutions to add and eliminate the things you do or do not require in your pictures.

Check the track record of the photographer or events service before you hire them. Today, every professional photographer or party organizer offering VIP services has a website that showcases their previous works and customer reviews.


Check credentials

Learn about the previous work of the photographer that you are considering. Check for their credentials, education, experience, and consistency in work. There is nothing wrong with trusting a new photographer, but the one with more experience will always have faster solutions for you to provide a quality finished product.

Talk to the former customers

Try to connect with the customers that a photographer had before and learn about their work through their customers. A satisfied customer will help you understand who that specific photographer should be your choice for a certain event. It will provide you with an insight into their creative projects and how they treated their clients.


Find your compatibility

Talk with the photographer you are considering and learn about how comfortable you are while sharing your ideas. Once you narrow down your search for photographers, you can talk to them directly and explain what you want to do in the shoot. Communicating with them will find your compatibility with the photographer and help you decide where you want to work with them or not.

Explore different styles


Support it is a wedding event, and you are looking for a wedding photographer. Despite several photographers offering wedding photography services, each of them will have a different style of clicking pictures. While some photographers focus more on candid moments, others like to ask people to pose.

Likewise, every photographer brings something new to the table. Explore their unique styles and find out which style suits your ideas the best.

Essential Camera Training for Beginners

Camera Training

Most photographers today are dependent on high-quality cameras to click professional photographs. Smartphones are introducing some of the best cameras that can even be used for professional photography. However, buying an expensive camera does not reward you with professional photography skills. If you truly desire to be a professional photographer, you can create masterpieces even with a two-decades-old camera. This training guide will explain the basic photography skills that you must improve.

Holding the camera

Technology is making everything easy for us. With tripods and stabilizers, the job of photographers has become easier. However, you need to know your camera when it is in your hands. Learn to grip it in different situations, so you can prevent your photographs from becoming shaky and blurry. The closer you keep your camera to your body, the easier it will be to click still pictures. Also, learn to hold and stabilize the camera at different angles, like lying down or sitting.

Camera Training

Shoot in RAW

RAW is the best format to save your pictures for editing. This is where you start learning about your own skills in photography and then add editing later on. When you shoot in RAW, you will get high-quality images. You can maintain the quality of the images even after editing them. The only downside with the RAW format is that it takes more space. As long as you have multiple SD cards to work with, you will have no problem clicking some high-quality photographs that will not degrade while you increase the size.

Learn to use settings

If you are buying an advanced camera that comes with a lot of settings and features, it is only a waste if you never tried using them. Explore your settings and learn about everything that your camera can do. Learn about aperture, ISO, shutter speed, camera flash, etc. It will keep you creative while you take pictures in different situations. Each feature that your camera provides will save you from editing things later and have an already perfect picture ready to be printed.

Camera Training

Have a perspective

You should be able to see an object from different perspectives when you are trying to be a better photographer. Look around you and develop an eye for detail in everything you see. An object can look completely different when you look at it from a different perspective. You should experiment with your photography skills to develop a range of perspectives. Do not try to do it like the experts and try your own ways to create interesting photographs.

Most of all, you must learn from your own pictures. Do not let your pictures discourage you. Instead, make them your learning tools to understand what went wrong and how you can do better. When you start facing the same problems, again and again, you will realize that you are ready to take your photography to the next level by taking up professional training sessions.

5 Decisions You Need to Make Now to Grow Your Photography Skills

Photography Skills

Modern-age photography has become a hobby for many as cameras and smartphones are now easily available in the market. We all know how modern-day photography has become a norm among people who claim to be professional photographers without having any professional training in photography. This has stopped many budding photography artists from selling their work as they feel their pictures are not good enough against the people who can sell their photographs with better marketing skills. However, professionals and experts in the field of photography can differentiate between a photograph clicked by a casual person with a camera and a real photographer. These are five decisions that you will take today to become better in photography and reach new perspectives with your work.

Sketch your ideas

Before your set your foot out to take some good pictures, try to create a sketch with lines that you want to create in your pictures. Use any idea that comes across and work on it. Sketching will prevent you from forgetting your vision and strike when you see something similar in real life. This is the way you can bring your ideas into reality.

Photography Pick the right location

Learn how a location can impact your idea of a photograph. It is important that the location you decide truly brings justice to your idea. Take your time around the location and ponder upon the things which make you choose or discard the place. Soon, you will have a clearer idea of whether you want to shoot in this location or not. Look up and check if the clouds are in the perfect alignment today to capture some quality photographs.

Simplify the elements

You do not need to overcomplicate the elements in your frame to create a better picture. They can do their job just fine with a different angle. All you need to do is move to a different angle to get a better view. However, make sure that your frame is not cluttered with unnecessary elements, or it will look too busy and divert the beholder’s attention away from the subject.


Use complementary colors

Be aware of the colors that you are using in your frame. Pay attention to the clothes that the model is wearing, check the props available on the scene, and check the background. Use complementary colors that can make the frame pleasing for the eyes of the beholder. You can also check out the expert color wheels that can help you find the right color combinations based on different situations.

Find the right elements


When you pick elements for your frame, make sure to pay attention to their details. Whether it is a model, an object, an animal, or just a wide landscape, you must feel satisfied while clicking its picture. The elements in the frame should match the elements that you have preimagined for a certain scene. Let your subject model know about the requirements of the shoot before you ask them to come over. This includes clothing and additional props.