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Over the years Flury & Company and, more recently, Jackson Street Gallery have placed Edward Curtis photographic artworks and antique Native-American art objects in many private collections and important institutions in the United States and abroad. These include the Seattle Art Museum, the Burke Museum, the University of Washington, the Navajo Tribal Museum, the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Denver Museum of Natural History, the Oklahoma Arts Center, the Hopi Tribal Council, and the Montana Historical Society and Museum in Helena, among others.

Today Flury & Company boasts one of the largest collections of Edward Curtis' work in the world. Interest in Curtis' photography continues to grow and the market for his work is ever expanding and flourishing. With prices for his photographic works ranging from $200 to over $40,000, there is something for the first-time buyer and the seasoned collector. We invite you to visit our gallery when you are in the Seattle area, or page through our website for more information.

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